What We Do

What We Do

Research. Portfolio Analytics. AI-Based Insights.



Digital assets represent an emerging asset class with unprecedented potential. They combine the properties of currencies, commodities and ownership stakes and exist on decentralized networks. Digital assets can be traded continuously on global markets with minimal economic friction.


We view digital assets as the product of a new economic paradigm. In this new paradigm, digital networks act as economic agents. They shape the way we transact, save, raise capital and mobilize to create economic value.


As a new asset class, digital assets require new types of analytical frameworks–the ones that help better explain their potential and risks within the  context of the new paradigm.


This is why Oqulent exists.


We specialize in analyzing, classifying and valuing digital assets. Our goal is to provide actionable insights to our clients through our rigorous, value-based and quantitative approach to investment research.


To help our clients make intelligent decisions, we are building a next-generation portfolio analytics platform called Oqulent[SkyLight] .